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Feelingway Blog

Welcome to Feelingway Blog!

by Hannah (Betty) Idarius

In my twenties, when I was in the throes of searching for ‘truth and reality,’ a dear friend gave me the nickname Two Ways. That name had a mystique I found intriguing, symbolic of something mysterious I was longing to find.

Fast forward forty-plus years and the name now feels very appropriate to describe my journey. There are two ways I can perceive my experience, one through the conditioned mind, and the other through direct experience, connecting with my sentient (feeling) experience in the moment. 

I’ve learned that coming from the conditioning in my mind creates disconnection and suffering—and it causes me to experience life as a ‘problem,’ and repeat the past patterns of dysfunction. In contrast, coming from the direct experience of the energy in my body allows me to be in the present moment, out of ego, in a deeply-felt place of connection with myself, others and the Universe. That’s pretty yummy and potent stuff!

Life feels so much better when I am connected inside of myself. This is my loving consciousness showing up for my sentience (feeling energy). And the result has been extremely worthwhile—true healing, more intimate connection with others, and liberation from old, conditioned patterns. 

So welcome to a new way—Feelingway! Here you can dive deeply to explore the underbelly of what’s been driving your life, your reality, your relationships, and even your highs and lows! Here you can find through direct experience your own unique path to wholeness. Here you can learn how to make inner shifts that will manifest more of what you want in your life. Here you can become the whole, integrated Being you truly are. 

Sound too good to be true? Of one thing I’m sure—the truth lies within—and this is where the journey to wholeness begins. And it’s from this place of wholeness that we can catalyze the changes we’ve been longing to see in the world. 

In the coming posts on this blog you’ll find inspiration for creating your life to be more of what you want it to be. I have profound appreciation for the courage it takes to step outside of the conditioned reality and into manifesting what we have been longing for. This is a space where we can cultivate the courage to be real and deeply connect within ourselves and each other. Welcome!

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